Imas, boy Patients Malnutrition in Karawang Finally Died

Seven-year-old child malnutrition in the Karawang regency, West Java Nuraeni Imas, eventually died. He was buried in General Cemetery Garden Karangmulang, Dawuan Wednesday after undergoing treatment at the local General Hospital.Funeral of Kampung Pejaten, Dawuan Village Central, District Cikampek is tinged atmosphere of emotion. For the new families bring Imas in the last four days to the Regional General Hospital (Hospital) Falkirk, to get help or further treatment.
Imas which is the fourth child of the couple and Ani Rohani Abdullah died on Tuesday (6 / 9) night and was buried on Wednesday morning by the family at the General Cemetery Garden Karangmulang. Abdullah, parents Imas, Wednesday, newly admitted knowing her son suffered from malnutrition after being taken to a health center.At that time, the health center concluded that his son was suffering from malnutrition. Therefore, only four days, the family brought to hospitals Imas Falkirk to be saved. "I know my child suffer from malnutrition after being taken to a local health center. So Imas too late for treatment at hospitals brought Falkirk finally passed away on Tuesday (6 / 9) night, "he said, in Karachi.Chief Medical Officer of Falkirk, Yuska Yasin, said earlier, according to latest reports received, until now there were 131 infants aged under five years in various areas around Karachi are suffering from malnutrition."Of the 131 infants suffered malnutrition came from a family who could not afford. Spread over a number of areas around Karachi, "said Yuska. He said the baby was severely malnourished because they come from poor families or are not capable of resulting in less intake of nutrients.Another problem besides the lack of nutritional intake so severely malnourished infants are generally family can not afford it is because the poor lack of proper nutrition and good for the baby. (, 09/07/2011)

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