Amid the economic crush that hit the country, resulting in women that in fact as a housewife struggling to help the economic burden of families with working for money. Salary of a mediocre husband could not meet their daily needs. Especially for baby school fees that were increasingly expensive.As a result mothers households more willing to leave her husband and children to become migrant workers abroad with the lure of large salaries. Although no less tragic fate of migrant workers abroad ended with torture by her employer even until someone killed. But it did not dampen the determination of the mother-housewife had to become migrant workers. As if going to become migrant workers abroad is the last alternative that can be done.The phenomenon of women become migrant workers abroad are nothing new in this country. Almost every year there are maids who dispatched overseas. Besides, every year there is always a tragic case of Indonesian migrant workers, whether or not the media exposed. Indeed, the government has tried to solve the problem TKW Indonesia, but solving the problem are taken are always partial. So the same incident happen again.

Hafsah bint Umar ibn Khattab

Hafsah bint Umar ibn Khattab are female Experts like fasting for the sake of worship and please Allah.

From Anas, said: "Muhammad SAw said" Gabriel said: O Muhammad, refer to Hafsah because she is a woman who is an expert real fast and expert service "(Reported by Ibn Sa'd)

Narrated by Nafi 'ibn Umar said, "Hafsah died before he could break the fast"
Is there a more general testimony of the witness of God's people and daughter Gabriel ibn Khattab told that she is a woman who is an expert fast and expert service?

Tahajud Hafsah be because the staying as Muhammad's wife in the world and the Hereafter. How is she was daughter of a father who is also obedient worship.

In a poem mentions
"The fruit does not fall from the tree.
And the tiger will give birth to a tiger "

Magic Box

There are others with Sauqi today. From across the street he was smiling, his hand a black box roughly the size of 10x10 cm. Let alone the crazy idea that this child would do, I mutter. "Sauqi what did you bring today?" I asked, curious as he was right before me. He smiled. "It's magic box. Whatever you want will come true, sort kanttong Doraemon's magic. "She said loudly and firmly while lifting the black box in my face. "Ah, is not possible, ugly old box like that is able to grant all our requests?" I said incredulously. His smile more and expand to see wrinkles in my forehead. "Seriously, even if you despised this box, the wonder will not seusang you say." Clearly, mimicking Mr. Mario. "This box I got with difficulty, by examining the motivations of the various books and observation. This box is the fruit of deep thinking. "He added. "Starting recurrent, ni son?" I mumbled.

Imas, boy Patients Malnutrition in Karawang Finally Died

Seven-year-old child malnutrition in the Karawang regency, West Java Nuraeni Imas, eventually died. He was buried in General Cemetery Garden Karangmulang, Dawuan Wednesday after undergoing treatment at the local General Hospital.Funeral of Kampung Pejaten, Dawuan Village Central, District Cikampek is tinged atmosphere of emotion. For the new families bring Imas in the last four days to the Regional General Hospital (Hospital) Falkirk, to get help or further treatment.

A Beggar in the Camera

Yesterday when exhausted action at the zero point of Yogyakarta, fun fun-photographed pictures of then I see "a beggar in the camera." This is the reality. Like most of the beggars, beggars who begged that caught my camera (my camera does not actually seal seat camera, or camera loan)

"Sis, I asked for his money, I have not eaten all day" she pleaded with her arms in nyadong ----- sorry to use Java language, Indonesian language depleted forget what ?---- he he he.
Beggar's situation not much different from those in the movies. If in the film, told that the beggars are on the streets tu organized by her boss who later caught His results he was begging, beggars lok this one I do not know, because no kuselidiki, although I also do not intend to investigate,,,, he he, Eits but that does not mean my story will run out to here,,,, I will examine the view of Islam about Beggars,,,,
Cekidot ... ....

The Black Rider, Khaulah binti Azur

Equestrian Black Knights! That figure Khaulah bint Azur. A strong Muslim body and soul. Her figure tall and slender and straight. Since childhood Khaulah likes and plays the sword and spear, and keep practicing until it was time to use their skills to defend Islam with the other Mujahidah. In one battle against the pagan Roman troops under the leadership of Commander Khalid bin Waleed, narrated, suddenly appeared a horseman clad in black clothes who deftly spurred his horse into the middle of the battlefield. Like a hungry lion ready to pounce, a figure riding wagged his sword and in a short time toppled three enemies.

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