Magic Box

There are others with Sauqi today. From across the street he was smiling, his hand a black box roughly the size of 10x10 cm. Let alone the crazy idea that this child would do, I mutter. "Sauqi what did you bring today?" I asked, curious as he was right before me. He smiled. "It's magic box. Whatever you want will come true, sort kanttong Doraemon's magic. "She said loudly and firmly while lifting the black box in my face. "Ah, is not possible, ugly old box like that is able to grant all our requests?" I said incredulously. His smile more and expand to see wrinkles in my forehead. "Seriously, even if you despised this box, the wonder will not seusang you say." Clearly, mimicking Mr. Mario. "This box I got with difficulty, by examining the motivations of the various books and observation. This box is the fruit of deep thinking. "He added. "Starting recurrent, ni son?" I mumbled. "You need to know, this box is biased to grant all our wishes." He stated. "Do not dream in broad daylight Qi, mostly watching Doraemon so this result. Fancy. Be careful it could be partners with God later. Something's not beg the Creator, but even at this ugly box. Increasingly insane only you Qi. "I said. "Eits, it turns out you're wrong. Okay. Now I will explain how this magic box. " "How?" I interrupted. "Well because you are very curious so I will soon explain. Well, keep in mind that this box is not the box that will encourage the owners of this box to be partners with God. This box is just a container to hold all the aliases where our dreams, which would later we realized. Of course, with great effort and pray to God that our dreams come true. So it was obvious that this box does not bring shirk. "He said diplomatically meaningful, and again mimicked Pak Mario Teguh. Meanwhile, I just nod. Crazy idea what else will Sauqi show me. From the most crazy idea that he was the son of a strange show me this might be the craziest. Last week he took a walk kesawah. I thought it was just ordinary streets because it was so long ago we did not enjoy air fields. Not him he had another intention behind his intentions. He invited me to observe the activity of black ants. "Huhf, why do not we observe the activities of people in the mall alone," I complained. "Because human beings are at the mall is very different from these ants." He answered flatly, while his eyes unblinking melihati black ants are not very important to me. Occasionally his hand brushed grass menghalagi views. While I was sitting on the grass. "Yes iyalah humans different from ants. To the mall aja yuk, who knows there is also no ants. I'll buy you, what are you asking me to buy. "I say softly. "I've never told her sob, never to seduce me with a treasure." Finally he turned to me. "I know you're rich and I poor, but our friendship is not because of wealth. Why do not you understand me well. "Sauqi began furious. Then I approached it, trying to divert his anger. "It turns out the ants unique yes sob," I said with a smile, in case she forgot what I said. Sauqi are often sensitive when it comes to property. But from there I loved it. "Yeah, they being the most unyielding. Almost like we're not? "Sauqi stared at me as hinted that he was not angry. I smiled a little. What nonsense, we eperti? Precisely you., I thought. Someday maybe I will not give up, that too thanks to the motivation that you gave. "Fatih look at this." Sauqi hands blocking the path trodden by the ants. "If we obstruct and try to stop them, they will always find another way. They will climb up, break down or around. They continue to seek a way out. Do not ever give up to find a path towards that goal. " "Merekasepertimu Sauqi." I said then "Like you, too, Fatih." We smiled together. Although at first I think is very boring but in the not long turned into a full meaning. As the saying Sauqi always remember "It all depends in terms of where we look." I learned to always look from a different angle, as Sauqi say, but it was very difficult to do. 

to be continued

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