A Beggar in the Camera

Yesterday when exhausted action at the zero point of Yogyakarta, fun fun-photographed pictures of then I see "a beggar in the camera." This is the reality. Like most of the beggars, beggars who begged that caught my camera (my camera does not actually seal seat camera, or camera loan)

"Sis, I asked for his money, I have not eaten all day" she pleaded with her arms in nyadong ----- sorry to use Java language, Indonesian language depleted forget what ?---- he he he.
Beggar's situation not much different from those in the movies. If in the film, told that the beggars are on the streets tu organized by her boss who later caught His results he was begging, beggars lok this one I do not know, because no kuselidiki, although I also do not intend to investigate,,,, he he, Eits but that does not mean my story will run out to here,,,, I will examine the view of Islam about Beggars,,,,
Cekidot ... ....

Muhammad said:
"Someone who took mine and went to find and collect firewood and then brought to the market to be sold and the money used to provide for herself and make a living then it's better than a man begging to people who are sometimes given and sometimes rejected." ( Mutafaq'alaih) 
Actually, why the hell people were desperate begging? Investigate a calibaration, the root of the problem of beggars is poverty. Yes poverty. When writing or hear the word poverty I immediately thought of high school when my friend said he always says something like "make eating difficult," though for him this is just a joke that popped out but behind this there is a condition she joked that she often encountered, may also poverty has mushroomed so made a joke,
Poverty has menjeat their necks, so that any business done to satisfy the stomach, and an easy job and easy money can be by begging .This is the only way, since they do not have a degree (S1, 2,3) or any expertise, 
Actually this is a condition that is very ironic, how come so? Obviously, for a country that is rich in natural resources, the mushrooming presence of beggars is a rarity. Look at Brunei Darussalam although only a small country and mine only just oil but the country was able to exempt the cost of education, and Indonesia, which mines all kinds, really there are still those who beg. 
Beggar problem is the implication of the problem of poverty (wah heavy language). Poverty in this country are caused by the capitalist economic system. Capitalist system is what? Term is the people who have big capital, aka the money he was biased dominate the market. Yes as this is our country now. Many wealthy entrepreneurs from abroad who bought stocks in Indonesia, especially mine, eg Freeport in irja, consequently should have abundant gold mines and even then could not be utilized for the prosperity of the people of this country, lha wong transported abroad all, people still irja poor .... this is what happened.
Then there is the saying, "in Irian Jaya was there, but you portrait in jogja?". It was an example, which is visible to the eye, to jogja same country as the leader ni also cumin one person, so using that same system,
Continues to be how we as people of Islam? What so let the beggar? Yes it is a legitimate charity aja, gak ya. But besides that though we try and fight the change, namely changing the economic system of Islam. Islamic economic system is perfect kerana derived from revelation. What's rich Islamic economic system is? According to the book I've ever read like this: ownership of the treasure da 3, namely 
• Common Property Rights: include minerals in the form pepejal, cecair and gas, including petroleum, iron, copper, gold and so on which are found together in the bowels of the earth or above it, including all forms of energy and energy intensive industries and weight. All this is public property and must be handled (managed) by Daulah Islamiyah (state) when the benefit shall be returned to the people 
• State Property Rights includes all forms of fees levied by the state syar'ie of citizens, along with the acquisition of agriculture, trade and industry aktiviti, outside of public ownership on the environment. State spending for the benefit of the acquisition of the country and its people 
• Individual Property Rights: apart from the above two types of ownership, other treasures may be owned by individuals syar'ie and every individual needs to spend a syar'ie too. 
That's the coffee paste, actually there's more but I only mention that a lot to do with this discussion. So seen from the ownership, the results should not be a gold mine owned by a private / private because it's public property, public property n tu managed by the State, not by others. It is clear now that the welfare system that Islam is not just another system, then let's replace the capitalist system with a system of Islam.
 problems like a beggar even if traced carefully leads to the system. And when it comes to their impact to the system already biased ga be helped only to create a system that could help her, so since we in this world created by creator then by following His rules we might be helped, does not?

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