The Black Rider, Khaulah binti Azur

Equestrian Black Knights! That figure Khaulah bint Azur. A strong Muslim body and soul. Her figure tall and slender and straight. Since childhood Khaulah likes and plays the sword and spear, and keep practicing until it was time to use their skills to defend Islam with the other Mujahidah. In one battle against the pagan Roman troops under the leadership of Commander Khalid bin Waleed, narrated, suddenly appeared a horseman clad in black clothes who deftly spurred his horse into the middle of the battlefield. Like a hungry lion ready to pounce, a figure riding wagged his sword and in a short time toppled three enemies. Commander Khalid ibn Walid and his whole army was amazed at the agility of a figure dressed in black. They wondered who these fighters are closed throughout his body and his eyes have just seen it. The spirit of jihad of the Muslim army was on fire again so knowing that The Black Rider, the horseman in black is a woman! Courage Khaulah re-tested when he and some captive Mujahidah Sahura enemy in battle. They locked up and guarded for several days. Although it is rather impossible to escape, but Khaulah not give up and continued to encourage his friends. He said, "You are fighting in Allah's way, if you want to become a masseuse of the Romans? Want to be a slave to the infidels? Where self-esteem you as a fighter who wants to get the heaven of God? Where is the honor you as a Muslim? We better to die than become slaves of the Romans! " Thus Khaulah spirit of Muslim women continue to burn until they were unanimous determination against enemy soldiers who were guarding them. They are willing to die a martyr if they fail to escape. "Do sisters ever daunted and scared. Break their spears, swords destroy them, multiply the Takbir and reinforced the liver. Insha Allah Allah's help is near. It is said that eventually, because of their beliefs, Khaulah and his friends managed to escape from the confinement of the enemy!

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