Amid the economic crush that hit the country, resulting in women that in fact as a housewife struggling to help the economic burden of families with working for money. Salary of a mediocre husband could not meet their daily needs. Especially for baby school fees that were increasingly expensive.As a result mothers households more willing to leave her husband and children to become migrant workers abroad with the lure of large salaries. Although no less tragic fate of migrant workers abroad ended with torture by her employer even until someone killed. But it did not dampen the determination of the mother-housewife had to become migrant workers. As if going to become migrant workers abroad is the last alternative that can be done.The phenomenon of women become migrant workers abroad are nothing new in this country. Almost every year there are maids who dispatched overseas. Besides, every year there is always a tragic case of Indonesian migrant workers, whether or not the media exposed. Indeed, the government has tried to solve the problem TKW Indonesia, but solving the problem are taken are always partial. So the same incident happen again.

If it is seen more in the departure housewife abroad not only endanger his life but also the future lives of their households. The fact has been much talk about it. How not, mothers should act as a regulator of the household suddenly not there. Domestic regulators then took over her husband who once doubled nanny. Yet should a husband who is obliged to make a living. As a result, the family structure becomes unstable. Households no longer ideal to share, discuss, and filial.Most mothers in the household economy keterjepitan will certainly weigh a thousand times when offered to take care of and educate children. They argue, what to eat me, my child?According to the conditions that occur in society today, as there is distortion of the law as laid down by Allah SWT. And it has been misguided. Mothers earn a living while his father as the father of the household. Of course this phenomenon can not be allowed to continue, because it will bring the wrath of Allah SWT. As a believer, we should put everything on it should be. The obligation of a husband is the breadwinner.It is based on the word of Allah in surah Al-Baqarah: 233: "the father gives food and clothing to women by doing good.""Place the they (the wives) where you live, according to your ability." (Surah Ath-talaq: 6)So clearly, that to every man who is able to work, Islam obliges to seek work in order to meet their needs and their families. As for the women of Islam did not require work.Mother's role as an umu wa robbatul baiti neglected by his departure abroad. The role of motherhood is not a role that could be replaced to the husband. Especially when the kids were little. With leave children in early childhood groups was an attempt to overcome the absence of the mother. But it still can not replace the role and the mother's attention. The role of a mother or father can not be replaced early childhood groups.Besides obedience to the husband's mother will be reduced when you see a husband who does not earn at all. Not could not possibly, a divorce will occur because the husband's wife is seen not as you wish.Indeed Islam itself does not forbid women to work. But by not ignoring its main task as umu wa robbatul baiti.Maybe there will be a judge this understanding is too old, do not know the circumstances. But in reality, we must remember the purpose of human creation. Nothing less is not only to worship Allah SWT. It was he who created man is he who most certainly understand about His creation. By restoring all things to nature is an attempt to run the commands of Allah. And so we avoid the wrath of Allah SWT.

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